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Mobirise 5.8.9 is out

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Mobirise 5.8.9โ€‹

Mobirise, the popular website creation software, has recently released a new version: Mobirise 5.8.9. This update does not bring any real news but a series of bug fixes, which should however be of interest to the Mobirise community.

In this article, we will review the fixes brought by Mobirise 5.8.9. If you are a Mobirise user, or if you are planning to use it for your next website project, read on to find out everything you need to know about this update.

What's new in Mobirise 5.8.9โ€‹

Support has announced several fixes for users to address some previously reported bugs.

The Resize Images function has been renewedโ€‹

The new version of Mobirise has renewed the Resize Images function for JPEG images. This feature allows resizing images to fit different containers without compromising their quality.

The Mobirise Cookie Alert has been updated to improve its compatibility with scripts that were blocked.

A fix has been made to the Remove link button, which did not work properly in previous versions of Mobirise. This fix now allows users to easily remove links in their website.

Fixed WebP bug in slidersโ€‹

Mobirise version 5.8.9 fixed a WebP bug that affected sliders. Sliders are now compatible with WebP images, improving the quality of images in sliders.

Fixed Scroll To Top button for large monitorsโ€‹

The Scroll To Top button did not work properly on large monitors in previous versions of Mobirise. This version has fixed that bug, ensuring that the "Scroll To Top" button is now visible on all screens, regardless of size.

Attempt to fix addon loading problemsโ€‹

Efforts have been made to fix addon loading issues that have been reported by Mobirise users. While this fix is not guaranteed to resolve all addon loading issues, it should significantly improve the overall stability and performance of Mobirise.